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Wedding Planners

The use of a wedding planner has always been considered a very posh or exclusive idea in the UK; however, more recently its popularity has starting to soar. The main reasons are due to weddings getting bigger, more extravagant and larger budgets to manage - making the overall process a lot more complex and time consuming.

A wedding planner quite simply "makes everything happen". The bride & groom are responsible for making choices about what they require and the wedding planner will use their contacts & knowledge to put those ideas in place. Their job is to do all the leg work and leave the bride & groom with the wedding of their dreams, with absolutely no stress about the logistics of the wedding day.

Wedding planning fees will obviously vary but an average amount you could expect to pay would be around 10-15% of your total budget. This may seem a large chunk of your budget but do consider that if you are using a planner who is well established they will undoubtedly have many contacts in the industry and many discounted rates available to them, overall this can save you money. For instance, a wedding planner will have agreements with venues, photographers, transport companies, florists etc all at lower rates, often they will save you more money than their total fee - so, in essence you are getting a free planner!

Wedding planners will have tried and tested many different services and know the good from the bad - their experience is invaluable to the whole planning experience. You can rest easy knowing that nothing is will go horrifyingly wrong on your special day, this is alll down to the planner having used or had in place the companies/products & procedures involved previously.

Another big factor to consider when deciding on whether to use a wedding planner is time; It takes so much longer than you think to organise a wedding and that's when things go smoothly! Should you have any problems to sort out such as venues cancelling, cars breaking down, entertainment fully booked etc the whole planning process will take longer and become more stressful.

In conclusion, if you are opting for a simple or small wedding a planner really may not be necessary, however; if you are wanting all the bells & whistles it's really something to consider, especially as they might actually end up reducing your overall bill!


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