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Buying a wedding dress - The logistics

This is usually the first thing on a brides mind but often gets put on the back burner until other details are finalised. There are a few things to consider before buying a dress.

1) Will the wedding day be hot or cold?
2) Where is the wedding taking place?
3) Do you want your dress to match a wedding theme?
4) Where do I store my wedding dress once I've bought it?
5) When to buy a wedding dress?

Will the wedding day be hot or cold?

Before diving head first into buying your dress it's crucial that you have some kind of idea about what the climate will be like. You don’t want to go buy a big heavy dress if your wedding is going to be in the middle of summer. Likewise, if you plan on a winter wedding you may want to think about stylish ways to stay warm such as boleros shrugs and furs.

Where is the wedding taking place?

This is more about what you will feel comfortable wearing in your chosen wedding venue and decisions about this will differ from person to person. For instance if it is a church wedding some brides may want the dress to be very modest and respectful whereas others would not consider that to be anything to worry about. On the flip side if the wedding was taking place in a registry office or on a beach you'll want to think if you are comfortable wearing a big wedding dress with a chapel train.

Do you want your dress to match a wedding theme?

If you are having a theme to your wedding it is likely you will want the wedding dress to be the main event! Maybe your theme is a “vintage wedding”, do you want a real vintage dress or a vintage style? A popular choice with brides at the minute is to wear their mothers bridal gown for their own wedding.

Where do I store my wedding dress once I've bought it?

You have spent so long finding the dress and want it to stay a surprise. Make sure you invest in a good quality dress bag and padded satin hanger to keep it safe during transport and storage. Give it to someone you trust will keep it dry, away from animals & children and out of direct sunlight as this may affect the colour of the dress over time.

When to buy a wedding dress

This is what you need to do your research on! You might think that if you order a dress from a bridal shop it would be delivered in about a month? Wrong! Most bridal shops will take between 4-9 months to deliver your dress to you - so it's vital you are aware of this from the start. Although it’s not the end of the day if you have to buy a dress at the last minute, there are plenty of off the peg dress shops where you'll be able to take away a dress on the same day. These dresses are usually a mixture of new, used and ex bridal shop sample dresses, many will have their tags on and will be in tip top condition. As they will have been tried on the likelihood of a dusty hem or a missing bead is quite high but the convenience and price tag make the little imperfections an easy compromise.


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