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Wedding roles and responsibilities

Mother & Father of the Bride

The mother and father of the bride are traditionally handed the bill for the entire wedding. However, people have moved away from tradition nowadays and the wedding is often paid by either just the bride and groom or by both the bride and the grooms families. The father of the bride is also responsible for giving the bride away and walking her down the aisle.

Mother & Father of Groom

Traditionally the mother and father of the groom hold a rehearsal dinner for selected guests the day before the wedding . As discussed above they might also help pay for the wedding.

Best Man

Apart from being the grooms confidant and friend, the best man also is responsible for the following:
• Organising the stag night
• Speech at the wedding dinner
• Is the official witness for the groom
• Brings the rings to the ceremony

Maid of honour

The maid of honour is first and foremost the brides go to girl, she should help in every way possible to keep the bride looking and feeling great, her practical duties include:
• Organising the hen night
• Helping to choose the wedding dress
• Holding the train down the aisle
• Being the official witness for the bride
• Coordinating the bridesmaids


Bridesmaids are typically friend or family of the bride who have no real responsibilities other than to stand behind the bride as she walks “down the aisle” and look pretty!

Flower Girl

Usually a young girl who walks in front of the bride before she makes her entrance at the ceremony, scattering petals on the floor.

Ring Bearer

The ring bearer is becoming a less popular custom in recent years with the best man taking over the job. However, the traditional role of a ring bearer was that of a young boy who would walk down the aisle with a big velvet pillow and 2 rings on top, he would present them to the maid of honour and best man.


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