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Wedding Dress Accessories

There are so many things you can do to make your wedding dress come to life. Finding the right accessories is almost as important as finding the right dress. Here are some tried and tested pointers for all brides.


You are going to be on your feet all day so pick something practical as well as fabulous! Most brides will wear the same shoes from the alter to the dance floor but some will think clever and bring along a comfy pair of shoes or even pumps/ballet shoes (if you have a long dress) for the evening, that way you will look and feel all glam for the daytime ceremonies and photographs but then are still able to dance the night away plus if your dress is floor length they will not even be seen....beats blisters!

Veils/ Headdresses

There are lots of different types of head-wear . Choosing the right one is all about matching it to the dress and more importantly your personality.

Floral Garlands

If you are a boho bride you might want to think about a floral garland, these can either be bought fresh from the florist or can be bought in advance (artificial flowers)


If you are wearing a big princess shape gown then you should consider a tiara. They come in all shapes and sizes from very modest and elegant to full on jewelled and in your face princess crowns, you will know yourself what you feel comfortable with and what suits the dress best.


The list of different types of veils is endless .When picking a veil make sure you are complimenting the dress. For instance if your dress is lace take a look at a veil with lace edging. If you have a tea dress you might want to look at birdcage veils. If your dress has a lot of detail a totally plain veil might be the best way to go.


Sometimes a bolero or a jacket is an essential part of your wedding day attire, for instance if it is cold or wet. Other times a bride may not feel comfortable with a certain part of her body such as her chest or arms showing. Or maybe the dress would just look better with a bolero or jacket. Let's say you have a dress but you are not happy with your arms showing, there are hundreds of style of jackets you can wear to solve this problem. When I say jacket I don't mean a big heavy coat, many of the bridal boleros and jackets are made to look like part of the dress and they are an amazing way of customising your dress into something perfect for you. They are often made from sheer material such as lace or chiffon but also come in satin for a more tailored "jacket" look.


Not every bride wants to wear jewellery, so don't think that there is an unwritten rule that you must! If you do decide to wear it think carefully about what you will wear, often with jewellery less is more, especially if you have decided on a tiara or a detailed veil. Traditional necklaces are crystal or pearl.

Belts and Sashes

Another really easy way to turn your dress into something amazing. Belts and sashes are the easiest way to turn a normal dress into something eye catching. The two main types are a crystal belt worn around the waist usually at the centre of the body and then there are the floral sashes. The floral sashes can be made in any colour ribbon with any colour flowers on and are normally worn round the waist with the flowers sitting on one of your hips. Both types of belt are very affordable with cheaper versions costing from around £15 to better quality belts at around £40-£60 are worth every penny! If you are feeling creative you could even make one yourself by using either grosgrain or satin ribbon a the belt and using some artificial flowers (usually silk) and fixing them to a piece of felt then fixing that to the ribbon, hey presto you have got yourself a belt at the fraction of the cost. Check out YouTube for some tutorials on how to make them.


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